I am Powerful Creative Wood Print


Featuring creative wood prints that inspire with empowering poetry and vibrant artwork. Poetic art wooden prints are unique and inspirational. These prints rise above paper art prints with their beautiful and natural feel enhanced by the beauty of wood. Each creative wood print has poetry that is empowering and art that  is creative and unique.

Creative Wood Print

Wooden prints are sustainable and eco-friendly as it takes less paper to create a wooden art print than it does to create a paper print. Each creative wood print is unique and creative as the natural grains of wood enhance the art image.

Each wooden print is 13×19 in size and is printed on natural veneer birch wood.

Wooden greeting cards are also available.

Poetic Verse on Card:

I am powerful

because I am strong
mind, body and soul.
I am resilient
because I keep rising.
Because I am tireless
in my determination to succeed.
I am courageous
because I choose
to see my light
when life hands me darkness.
I am extraordinary
I am me.