I am Powerful Creative Bag


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I am Powerful Creative Bag


These creative bags are made from strong, organic and natural jute material. Jute is a an eco-friendly, sustainable vegetable fiber that has an organic and natural appeal.

This courier style creative bag is multifunctional and stylish.

Creative Bags

Each bag has a vibrant canvas art print on the front.  Each art print is directly heat pressed onto canvas therefore ensuring that the canvas art stands up well to the elements and general wear and tear.

When you are looking for a unique piece of wearable art to make you stand out from the crowd – Poetic Art Jute Bags will definitely make a statement!

The Poetic Art print on the front of each creative bag inspires both the person wearing the bag as well as anyone else who stops to take a closer look.


Poetic Verse:

I am powerful

because I am strong
mind, body and soul.
I am resilient
because I keep rising.
Because I am tireless
in my determination to succeed.
I am courageous
because I choose
to see my light
when life hands me darkness.
I am extraordinary
I am me.