About the Artist

I am driven by a deep inner need to touch and inspire others…
I think of myself as a creator. Someone driven with a passion to express emotion and insight through words and artistic images.

Poetic Artwork

As you read my poetry and artwork you are seeing me in many forms. Viewing multiple self-portraits but at the same time seeing the world through my eyes as well as my heart.

My artwork is slippery and eludes the concept of being pinned down and boxed into a category — although many have attempted to do so.

As an artist my intention is to inspire, stimulate thought and stir emotion. I’m hoping that my artwork takes you on a journey — a journey of the mind and spirit. An endless journey that peaks and plunges endlessly along a road that is truly enriching.

be inspired…

Poetic Art in the Media

Rogers Television

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CHRY 105.5FM

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Moxie Femme Article
Moxie Femme Article