Art Classes For Adults

Are you looking for a way to unwind after work and do something creative and fun?

Do you feel stressed with life’s constant demands?

Art Classes for Adults

Art Classes for Adults will give you a way to enhance your creativity, relief stress and have fun while refining your artistic skills.

The process of creating art is a one that we often leave behind with childhood.  Ironically, adulthood is a time when creativity can benefit you in an essential way.

Creative people are often given greater workplace opportunities and feel as though they can successfully venture into new territories.

Creative people also have the confidence to create entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves because they believe that they are creative and passionate enough to be successful.

Evening, Weekend and Afternoon Art & Poetry Workshops are offered. Prices start at $30 for a two-hour workshop.


Art Workshops include: Design Your Own T-shirt, Creative Batik, Poetic Art, and More…


Spaces are limited. Register today.


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distinct colours and patterns available, and a wide variety of sizes, meaning that someone will discover the perfect piece for their demands.