Bio & CV

roxane, tracey


Visual artist and poet Roxane A. Tracey is the owner of Poetic Art Studio located in Toronto. She has exhibited her artwork and engaged audiences throughout Canada and the US.

Roxane’s work is currently reproduced as vibrant originals, prints, greeting cards, books and jackets. Her inspirational line of greeting cards and prints are currently distributed throughout the US and Canada and can be found in various gift stores, bookstores and other commercial outlets.

When Roxane is not creating she can be found facilitating art and poetry workshops for groups of youth and adults in local schools, community centres, and at her Studio.

In the words of Roxane…

“I think of myself as a creator. Someone driven with a passion to express emotion and insight through words and artistic images.

As you read my poetry and artwork you are seeing me in many forms. Viewing multiple self-portraits but at the same time seeing the world through my eyes as well as my heart.

As an artist my intention is to inspire, empower, stimulate thought and stir emotion. I’m hoping that my artwork takes you on a journey — a journey of the mind and spirit. An endless journey that peaks and plunges along a road that is truly enriching.”

Art Inspiration

the inspirational spark that got me where I am…

I am where I am because I could be no other place. A friend once told me that the passages of your life have already been written, you are simply following in the footsteps.  My inspirational spark is born from a deep desire to have my light glow stronger so that it can shed warmth in dark spaces. I am inspired by the voices and communities that enriched me during my travels throughout East and West Africa.

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