Poetic Art Framed Prints

“I recently hung the prints in my office.  Now every day when I need inspiration, I look at them.  My favourite is ‘Stretch My Wings’.  To me it exudes a feeling of power and confidence and reminds me of my clients and how strong they are to keep fight the human rights violations in their lives.” – Dijana Simonovic

“I have quite a few of Roxane’s pieces and everyone of them inspire me. Something about her art, her creativity, her message, captivates me. There are not too many artists that I can connect to, but Roxane’s art has me wanting more. I can’t wait to see what else she does!” – Janan Dinola

“My two friends and I came to your booth at the Kitchener women’s show. When first saw the words on the beautiful pieces of art. I truly wanted to cry as they spoke to me loud and clear. You are More is my favourite and the close second is Carry My Heart. We were so excited. we all purchased four cards each. Soon as I got home I went on your website and noticed you will be holding an open house on Feb.26 and I will so be there as I then can buy a print to hang in my entrance for all to see when they come and when they go. I love all your work and I am so excited to say you are the first artist to actually want to make me cry joyfully. – Natalie Fortin

Poetic Art Cards

“We import our own line of clothing from Bali so our shop is also filled with other things Indonesian, including cards. The idea of meshing inspirational poetry and art work together is a novel one. Poetic Art Cards have been a wonderful addition to our shop.” – Susan Hill, Manager – Hilltribe Designs – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Poetic Art Jackets

I was weaving my way through the throngs of vendors and artists at the Home County Folk Festival this past summer when I fortunately came upon Roxane and her “Poetic Art” booth.  At first it was the artwork that attracted me to Roxane’s little spot at the festival.

The originality of her work, the colour and movement of the pieces and the accompanying poetry within them, literally made the pieces come to life with beauty and strength.  The real pièce de résistance though were the wearable art jackets which combined Roxane’s original poetic art works on a beautifully constructed long denim jacket.  Quite simply, I had to have one for myself.

The comfort, the fit and the wear it anytime ease of this denim jacket makes this combination of gorgeous art and fashion so much fun to wear.  I receive glowing compliments each and every time I wear this jacket and I am always so pleased when I get to talk to people about Roxane and her Poetic Art.  I’m very confident about voicing my own compliments about this wonderful jacket because I know that anyone who comes to own one will feel the same way I do about mine.   – JoAnne Tatone,  London, Ontario

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