Corporate Art Workshops

As business professionals, with competing obligations from work, family and personal needs we often find ourselves feeling like we have reached our peak stress points or that those stress levels are busting at the seams. We look for outlets to relieve life’s everyday pressures (such as the gym, yoga, listening to music, etc.) so that we can stay mentally, physically and intellectually balanced.

Even though we may not realize this, as we grew older we lost one of the most fun and stimulating outlets that has a remarkable ability to relieve stress and inspire – creating art.

We made the divide between those who were good or bad artists, those who could draw and could not and dropped the pursuit of creating art for the purpose of self-expression.

As kids we instinctively dove right in and got our hands dirty, sculpting play dough, painting with our fingers or gluing objects together. We had fun and we encouraged to take pride in our creative abilities.

Maybe the fact that our childhoods were not typically associated with stress prevented us from truly understanding the power of art to soothe and relax us.

Now is your chance to reacquaint yourself with the power of art for personal stress relief, creativity enhancement and just plain fun – through corporate art workshops.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and get back in touch with your creative side with a corporate art workshop!

Poetic Art Workshops foster creative expression through art and poetry development.  Professionals who take the corporate art workshop are often amazed with their ability to tap into their creative abilities and are surprised by the art and poetry that they create.

Not Just a Stress Buster – Poetic Art Workshops Enhance Creativity:

We are all creativity beings. We just choose different means of expressing this creativity.  As business men and women, we know that creativity is key to tackling challenges, solving problems and adapting to situations.

Creativity gives us an edge. Creativity can separate those who survive from those that thrive. When you make a commitment to creativity you may be making a difference between success and mediocrity in your business.

Poetic Art Workshops have been used since 1999 as a way to develop art and poetry to relieve stress, have fun and enhance creativity.

Facilitated by professional visual artist and poet Roxane Tracey, the workshops focus of self-expression through art and words. Workshops can be facilitated at Poetic Art Studio or at a corporate workplace.

Workshop Pricing:

Poetic Art – Corporate Art Workshops cost $35 per person with a minimum of 10 participants. Customized pricing is available for smaller or larger groups.


For more information about Poetic Art Workshops contact: Roxane Tracey.