Poetic Soul

Poetry expresses my soul. It captures past, present and future moments. To me, words have a purity and richness which I have the highest respect for. They are one of the deepest forms of expression.

Words are empowerment, truth, sadness and glory. They are the colours which capture and paint the broad strokes of the world’s rainbows — both personal, inner rainbows and the more external, distant ones of the outer world.


you see her poverty as weakness,
without knowing that she
simply lacks the opportunity to grow.
you view her difference
as inadequacy,
because you fear that
which you do not understand.
you look at her,
but barely see the beauty
that refuses to be hidden
or ignored.
she is more than one woman,
one man or one country,
she is a world of people
who struggle each day
to stand and survive
with strength,
and dignity.

Copyright © Roxane Tracey, 2008

i cannot…

i cannot understand love
that doesn’t feel like
warm chocolate — sticky sweet ecstasy
tumbling off of my taste buds
dissolving into cocoa love songs
blown into the air
like wishes falling freely from the heavens
afraid to be caught
happy to continue
to a place where i can lie
wrapped up in memories of
of your heart.

Copyright © Roxane Tracey, 2003


my imagination
of destiny.

Copyright © Roxane Tracey, 2003

i want more than this…

more than black and white
i want to feel your colours fall from my heart
roll down my cheeks
and touch me gently
as i inspire you to
know the curves and corners of my mind and
the salty sweetness of my soul.

i want more than this
i want to reach out to you.
reach into you
and make you
see beyond me
and into the places
that make me breathe.

i want more than this…

i want to know i will wake up
and find us
finding each other
in this midnight blue.

i want more than this…
i want to know that you are more than just this
simple desire of my words.

i want more
than this…

Copyright © Roxane Tracey, 2003


i have shed my skin a thousand times
each time revealing the pain of past lives
unfolding memories of journeys
that brought me
to the doorstep
of truth
and conscious

i have shed my skin a thousand times
and prayed for guidance
stepping into the path of becoming
than that little girl
always knew
she would be

i have shed my skin a thousand times
each time
feeling less
as i face the revelations
that reveal themselves
at the core of my being

i have shed my skin a thousand times
and will shed this skin a thousand more times
as i find the rhythm
of my step
uncover the light
of my spirit
on this road

Copyright © Roxane Tracey, 2003


i am a lonestar
shining in silent places
glowing in hidden spaces
happy to fade into the night
with the knowledge
of my own brightness.

Copyright © Roxane Tracey, 2003